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New map for Half Marathon – Uusi reitti Puolimaratonille

One must first complete 3 loops and then continue straight for 900 meters more. Then one must make a U-turn (on the map between numbers 20 and 1) and go directly to the finish line which is inside the Arena

Ensin juostaan iso lenkki kolmeen kertaan, tämän jälkeen jatketaan matkaa vielä 900 metriä, jonka jälkeen tehdään U- käännös (kartassa olevien numeroiden 20 ja 1 välissä). Tämän jälkeen juostaan suoraan maaliin, joka sijaitsee Areenan sisällä.

Along the course there will be two assigned spots for special drinks (near numbers 7 and 16).
LOC will provide water stations near numbers 13 and 3.


Reitin aikana on kaksi merkittyä paikkaa omille juomille (lähellä numeroita 7 ja 16). Järjestäjien tarjoamat vesipisteet ovat lähettä numeroita 13 ja 3.

Final timetable

Attached is a preliminary schedule for awards. The final schedule will be published by 08:00 on the morning of the competition

Pole Vault poles for rent

The pole rent is 100 Euros/ more than one pole. For this price, the athlete may use as many poles as they need.
For single pole the price is 60 euros.

Public Transportation

The Accreditation cards have the public transportation as a OR-code included in it. Public transportation includes trams and buses.

The OR-code must be inserted in card reader in tram or bus.

Ratikka Tram

The tram is a new, very high quality and punctually operating part of the Tampere region public transport system. Traveling with tram is easy and fluent.

Tram number 3 operates between City Centre and Hervanta Field.



There is an international airport at Tampere-Pirkkala with 20 minutes to City Centre.

During current pandemic, there are limited number of flights to Tampere.  But there will be more connections from beginning of May.

The airport of Helsinki is currently the main airport to Finland. The airport is situated  around 180 km from Tampere.

From Helsinki airport there are good train connections to Tampere. The train will take less than 2 hours to Tampere with one change.

The train station is located between Terminals 1 and 2 with the ticket selling machine at the platform.

One can also rent a car from Airport to Tampere.



General Rules

Competition will be held under World Athletics regulations as modified for Masters by WMA via their CompetitionRules and any other special rules specified for this competition.

General Information

Athletes may enter online or by using a paper entry form. Online is the preferred method of entry. See below for details about each method. All entries must include full payment to be considered valid. Athletes who cannot pay online must instead send a paper entry form and payment to their WMA National Masters Member (“Member”), which will then register them and pay on their behalf.

Registration Fees:
Registration Fee:  € 67
Each Individual Event (excpt those listed below): €  32
Heptathlon, Decathlon, Throws Pentathlon: € 44
Half Marathon: € 44
Accompanying Person ( age 14 and older): € 35
Accompanying Person (under age 14):  € 18
Additional country-specific fee: varies by country

Download Entry Booklet here

The entry deadline is Monday 2 May 2022. No entries will be accepted after the entry deadline.

All entries are subject to validation by each athlete’s respective Member. Members will confirm the athlete’s date of birth, citizenship and/or residential qualifications and other relevant requirements. After an athlete’s registration has been validated, its status will display as “accepted” on the list of entries online at Validation is a manual process that each Member completes, so there will be some time (days or weeks) between when you submit your registration and when it is validated. Athletes who have questions about the status of their entry should contact their Member. For athletes who reside in a country where there is no WMA National Masters Member or where the Member fails to fulfill its obligations, their entries will be subject to the approval of the WMA Council.

Online Entry Procedure

  1. Go to and complete the online entry form prior to the entry deadline.
  2. Submit payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the end of the entry process.
  3. Print the confirmation screen for your records.
  4. Send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member for validation purposes if you have not already done so in the past.
  5. Your Member will then validate your registration.

Paper Entry Procedure

  1. Contact your WMA National Masters Member and request a paper entry form.
  2. Confirm the latest date required by your Member for submission of your paper entry. NB: Your Member MUST input your entry and payment into the online system by the closing date of Monday 2 May 2022 for it to be valid.
  3. Complete the entry form and make a copy for your records.
  4. Mail the completed entry form and all entry fees to your Member prior to the entry deadline (do not send paper entry forms directly to the LOC). Paper entries sent to your Member for processing MUST include all entry fees.
  5. Send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member for validation purposes if you have not already done so in the past.
  6. Your Member will submit your registration, pay on your behalf and validate your registration.

WMA National Member Requirements

WMA requires that each Member validate all relevant entries electronically via the online entry system. The Local Organizing Committee (“LOC”) will accept only those entries that have been validated by Members. Each Member must also input any paper entries it receives from its athletes into the online entry system. Payment is required at the time the entries are submitted. If for some reason a Member is unable to pay online, it must request an exemption from WMA. If the exemption is granted, the Member will be provided with details about how to pay offline.

The Member will still be required to input paper entries into the online entry system and to validate its entries electronically. All entries must be submitted online and paid before Monday 2 May 2022. Any entries for which WMA has not received payment by this deadline will be cancelled, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete. No exceptions will be allowed. In addition, all entries must be validated before Monday 9 May 2022. Any entries that have not been validated by this deadline may be rejected, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete.

Members will receive communications regarding the entry process prior to the start of registration. Members that do not receive these communications should contact the WMA Secretary.

Qualifications for Entry

The World Masters Athletics Championships are open only to men and women who were born on or before 29 June 1987 and who are physically fit. Entry signifies that each competitor must follow the rules laid down by the technical and organizing committees. WMA has the right to reject entries of athletes considered ineligible through misconduct or other disciplinary related matters. Go to and complete the online entry form prior to the entry deadline. 

Events are divided into age groups as shown below:


Birthday (Born from…)

M&W 35

30 June 1982 to 29 June 1987

M&W 40

30 June 1977 to 29 June 1982

M&W 45

30 June 1972 to 29 June 1977

M&W 50

30 June 1967 to 29 June 1972

M&W 55

30 June 1962 to 29 June 1967

M&W 60

30 June 1957 to 29 June 1962

M&W 65

30 June 1952 to 29 June 1957

M&W 70

30 June 1947 to 29 June 1952

M&W 75

30 June 1942 to 29 June 1947

M&W 80

30 June 1937 to 29 June 1942

M&W 85

30 June 1932 to 29 June 1937

M&W 90

30 June 1927 to 29 June 1932

M&W 95

30 June 1922 to 29 June 1927

M&W 100+

Born on or before 29 June 1922


Sokos Hotel Ilves

ORIGINAL SOKOS HOTEL ILVES is in 2021 totally renewed legendary landmark in the heart of the city with wide selection of services including meeting rooms, restaurants, pub, night club, spa and a shopping center. Hotels beautiful location between two lakes and in the middle of shopping areas is unique. Ilves offers modern and luxurious comfort and true Tampere experiences with warm spirited service. There is easy 2 minute walk from Ilves to Ratina Stadium. Accommodation price starting from: 135 € / single room / night, including breakfast
Reservation code (internet reservations): BWMA2022 Reservation code (email / phone reservations): WMA2022

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

SOLO SOKOS HOTEL TORNI pays homage to the eventful history and various legends of the city of Tampere. Reaching a height of 88 meters, the modern hotel tower provides the best possible environment to experience the enticing story of Tampere. The hotel’s three restaurants and first-class breakfast provide delicious experiences. This hotel is located just 10 minutes’ walk from Ratina Stadium, the main venue of WMA. Accommodation price starting from: 140 € / single room / night, including breakfast
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Radiosson Blue Grand Hotel Tammer

Tammer offers stunning accommodation by the Tammerkoski rapids. This historical boutique hotel with 87 rooms makes it a sought-after place to stay for filmmakers, diplomats and other famous guests. The vibrant past of this hotel combines with modern amenities like deluxe bedding, Super Breakfast and free high-speed Wi-Fi to create an exceptional hotel experience. Tammer is just 10 minutes’ walk or 5 minutes’ drive from the Ratina Stadium. Accommodation price starting from: 140 € / single room / night, including breakfast
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Hotelli Villa

ORIGINAL SOKOS HOTEL VILLA is a cozy, atmospheric boutique hotel in the heart of Tampere. It is located 12 minutes’ walk from Ratina Stadium. Hotel Villa treats guests to the simple pleasures of life, and guests of Hotel Villa can also enjoy the abundant services like breakfast of the adjacent Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. Accommodation price starting from: 128 € / single room / night, including breakfast
Reservation code (internet reservations): BWMA2022 Reservation code (email / phone reservations): WMA2022

TOAS Appartments

There will be affordable accommodation for the entire duration of the Championships, either in Hervanta or in Rauhaniemi. Hervanta's apartments offer a comfortable time together with three people. In Rauhaniemi there is a single room in a larger dormitory. More information soon