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Tampere on foot or by boat

Our partners offer the opportunity to explore our city either on guided walking tours or a cruise on Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Join us for a walking tour to see  the best of Tampere!

Our authorized professional tourist guides will show you Tampere in a nutshell! During the walking tour you will see the most important sights of the city centre and learn the essentials about the city of Tampere, its history, industrial past, current know-how, culture and diverse events. The walking tour  is free  of charge for the competitors.  Starting point, duration and other detaisl will be announcent  later in the competition information package.

Tampere tutuksi opastetulla kierroksella!

Opastetulla kävelykierroksella näet Tampereen parhaat palat aivan lähietäisyydeltä! Auktorisoidut kaupunkioppaamme kertovat kiinnostavimmat tarinat Tampereen historiasta, keskusta-alueen tärkeimmistä nähtävyyksistä, kulttuurista, nykyosaamisesta ja monipuolisista tapahtumista.  Kävelykierros on kilpailijoille maksuton. Kierroksen lähtöpaikka, kesto, ilmoittautuminen ja muut tiedot ilmoitetaan myöhemmin urheilijoille jaettavassa informaatio-materiaaalissa.



There are two important official websites of Finnish authorities where you can find the valid information concerning visas. Those websites are listed below and there is link for all of them. Press the blue text.

From this website you can find whether you need a visa or not and valid visa fees:

Visa to visit Finland 

From this website you can find contact details of Finnish embassies or other countries that might represent Finland in your country as well as how to apply a visa. Type your country name in the search box:

Finland abroad

Please note that even if you do not need a visa to Finland, you need a valid passport or some other travel document accepted by Finland. It must be valid for at least ninety days after your intended date of departure from the Schengen area. In addition, the passport or other travel document must have been issued no longer than ten years ago.

Vaccinations and travel insurance

It is recommended that athletes and other accompanying persons obtain any required vaccinations and check that their medical insurance covers travel and accidents in Finland.

Since the situation and rules and regulations with the pandemic change rapidly, we ask that athletes and other accompanying persons visit official websites with Finnish Authorities to check the current rules and regulations.

This Finnish Border Guard website contains information about traveling to Finland during the pandemic:

Guidelines for border traffic

From this webpage you will find which vaccine series are currently accepted in Finland:

Vaccine series accepted in Finland

Please note that should you need a visa, you need to have a travel insurance with specific requirements stated at the website Visa to visit Finland.