Track and Field

Ratina Stadium

Located right in the center of town by a scenic lake lies Tampere stadium (also known as Ratina stadium). The stadium was originally built in 1966 and has since seen many improvements. The stadium got a new mondo surface in 2017, and got a new timing system in 2018.

The stadium can be used for a variety of events. It has been the stage for UEFA football qualifiers. In 2018, it was the setting for IAAF World Athletics U21 Championships, as well as Blockfest, the largest hiphop festival in the Nordic countries.

Track and Field

Hervanta Field

Hervanta Field is located just over 10 kilometres from Ratina Stadium. The journey is easy with the tram. Tram stops are a short walk away at both ends

Throwing events

tampere exhibition and sport centre

Tampere Exhibition and Sport Centre (TESC) , also known as Pirkkahalli, is situated around 6 km from main stadium. It offers great facilities for e.g. throwing events. There is bus connections between City Centre and Pirkkahalli. This venue will also host Race Walk Road and 10 km Road Race.

Cross country running

Pyynikki Ridge

Pyynikki ridge with its pine trees and spectacular scenery is one of Tampere’s most popular recreation areas. Pyynikki ridge is considered the highest gravel ridge in the world (160 meters above sea level). 

Pyynikki will offer  scenic route for cross country running.


Track and Field

Pyynikki Sport field

Pyynikki Sports Field is located with walking distance from the Ratina Stadium. There has been sporting field at the same place  since 1908, but the existing buildings and edge fence mainly date back to the 1920s.

In the 1920s and 1930s, numerous world records have been made in the field, e.g. in distance running and javelin throwing.

The field is surrounded by a six-track, tartan-surfaced 350-metre running track.

During Championships Pyynikki will act as training field